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Fabiana Estrela – Director of Global Operations and Recruitment

Fabiana Estrela was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but lives in London,Ontario, Canada, since 2008. She speaks fluently Portuguese, English and Spanish, and she has some knowledge of Italian and French. She carries a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Media, post grads in Business Management with majors in Hospitality and Tourism, International Business and Human Resources Management.

Over the past 20 years, she has acquired experience in customer service, business development, key account management, media, entertainment events, marketing, market research, hospitality training and coaching, international business development and recruitment.

In 2015 she decided to tick one more box off her "bucket list" and took her first cruise ever! She took the "Behind the Fun Tour" and decided she wanted to join the cruising industry. She got hired through Cast-A-Way as a Media Manager and completed two contracts at sea.

She met her husband on board and together they "retired" from life at sea and relocated back to Canada. Fabiana's passion for the cruising industry continues as she manages and operates the South America and South Africa divisions, as well as being Cast-A-Way's Director of International Expansion.


Nicola Barton - Manager of Operations & Recruitment for Australia and New Zealand

Born in New Zealand, and growing up in Australia, Nicola Barton began her adventure on cruise ships with Disney Cruise Line in 2001. After two contracts and being moved into a management position, she decided to expand her cruise industry knowledge by joining the Carnival Cruise Lines team. She once again became part of the management team, but after many years on ships, she felt it was time to continue her travels on land.

Nicola joined the Cast-A-Way team and after learning the business from Tracy in Canada and after two years' experience recruiting in Canada, Nicola opened Cast-A-Way Australia and New Zealand.

Nicola is now proud and excited to be back in the Canadian office heading up the recruiting division while still maintaining Cast-A-Way Australia and New Zealand.

Stacia Cockburn

Stacia Iordan - Manager of Operations and Recruitment for USA

Stacia was first introduced to Tracy Braunstein and Cast-A-Way in June 2002. Stacia has a great love of the ocean and world travel; she was recruited and hired by Cast-A-Way and went to work as a massage therapist with Steiner in 2003 and again in 2005. In 2007 Stacia returned to doing what she loved when Cast-A-Way placed Stacia at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel in beautiful Bermuda for three years. After working and visiting over 25 countries, Stacia is now back home in Ontario and is so excited to be part of the Cast-A-Way family managing the USA territory.

Grace Martinez - Placement Consultant USA

Grace Martinez was born in Peru and now lives in California, USA. She speaks English, Italian and Spanish fluently. Grace has worked for the cruising industry for seven years and worked her way up to Team Head Waitress.

After she retired, she got a BA in Business Administration and Hotel Management and worked five years with a global leading Airline.

Grace is very excited to join the Cast-A-Way family in order to help others have the wonderful experience of being part of the cruising industry.

Kathy Huang Modesti

Kathy Huang Modesti - Spa Recruiter

Kathy always had a great love for the ocean and, since childhood, she would watch the cruise ships sailing in and out of the port of Vancouver, Canada. It was this favorite past time that shaped Kathy's dream to work onboard one day.

Kathy started her career in the cruise industry in 2003 and worked for Steiner the Onboard Spa. She has been on both RCCL and Princess Cruises on total of 10 different ships. After two contracts as spa receptionist with Steiner, she was promoted to Spa Manager which she remained for eight more years. Kathy is a qualified beauty therapist and presently works as the National Sales and Sales Support Manager for a distribution company of luxury beauty products in Vancouver.

After 10 years at sea and meeting her husband onboard, Kathy decided it was time to settle back on land and is excited to be part of the Cast-a-way family and to be recruiting for spas.

Cindy Segal - Executive Assistant of Operations

Cindy Segal was born in Montreal, Canada, and she was introduced to Cast-A-Way in 1998 when childhood friend Tracy Braunstein founded the agency, and she has watched it flourish ever since. After backpacking 38 countries and spending some time working on ships, Cindy is thrilled to join the Cast-A-Way family as an executive assistant to ensure client satisfaction. Cindy is excited to work alongside Fabiana, Tracy, Nicola, Stacia and the rest of the Cast-A-Way team.

Tracy Braunstein - Founder

Tracy, born in Montreal, Canada, has been involved in the cruise industry since 1994. She has worked on three different ships and has four years of shipboard experience. Besides ship experience, she also has a background in the field of casting for film, television, and commercials. Her combination of careers ensures professionalism, efficiency and perfection. Tracy's continued passion for the cruise line industry was her driving force to start CAST-A-WAY in 1998.

She is very proud of the reputation that CAST-A-WAY has established within the cruise line industry as well as the company's expansion with their U.S., European, South America, South African, Australia/New Zealand, Mexico and Vietnam divisions.