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Have seen so many sights that amazing hardly describes it. I have also been enjoying the position. Best of luck to you all.



I am having such a good time here! I like my work and the life on the cruise ship very much. Trench Polynesia is great. There are so many things to see and do! Thanks again for everything.

À Bientôt



I made it!! I spent 10 weeks in Stanmore and I have spent nearly 5 weeks now living on Destiny Carnival! I love it. You guys weren't kidding when you told us we would work hard!! My Team is fun and my manager is fair. Thanks for the chance to have such a wonderful experience.



Hey guys,

This is just one of the beaches that I got to see on a regular basis. The Ship is great. Its actually one of the older ones but for my first one it's nice. The job is great and I'm meeting a lot of people. So far I'm staying out of trouble! (for how long, we'll only see!)

Take Care, Thanks.


Dear Lisa and Tracy,

I'm having a wonderful time and the work load is not at all as difficult as I had thought it'd be! Infinite thank yous for giving me this opportunity! Europe is beautiful and we'll be crossing the Atlantic soon. I'll write from the Caribbian.

Thanks a lot from the wind song

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