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Calling Sweeden...

How are you? I'm just fine, everything here on Brilliance is great! I work in the boutiqe and I like it so far. Its a lot to do but im used to that from H&M so thats good. I have a website where I write how it is here and a few people wrote me and asked how I got this job so I gave them the e-mail address to Cast a way and Starboard cruise. Maybe you have recived a couple of e-mails from Swedish people?
Anyway, thank you for everything and I hope to hear from you soon.

From the Mickey Boat...

i just want to say hi and thank you for everything you've done to help me get on the "mickey boat" as most kids that come on board say. thank you for all your support and help. i'm having a fantastic time after being here for 1 month. its been that long already!
i cant believe it. im so glad that Lindsay and Amanda are here too....its so funny coz the 3 of us had such a good time at the interview and even had lunch together and now we're all here as friends....thank you for everything!
have a nice day!

Cruising the Mediterranean...

First and foremost congratulations on your wedding! Hopefully you had an amazing vacation.
Sorry it has taken so long to write, but things have been hectic. So, it's been interesting to say the least, but I ended up on the Celebrity Millennium. It is a beautiful ship. We are just finishing up in the Mediterranean now about to do our transatlantic crossing to the Caribbean. I actually just found out that we will be dry docking for a week in Dec just before Christmas. So far, things are amazing.
Just wanted to let you know where I ended up, and thank you once again for all of your help and giving me this opportunity!
Take care Tracy, and all the best for the holidays if I don't speak with you before then!

Every Silver Cloud has a lining...

It's quite some time now that I have email you in regards to me training at Steiner. I am sorry I did email you as early as I should, I guess I completely forgot about it considering there were so many things going on in my mind after being placed on Seabourn Legend on June 16, after being there for 2 weeks, I was transferred to Queen Elizabeth 2 and was there for over 2 months, and now I have been transferred again to Silver Cloud just a few days ago. I am a little tired and frustrated but I know there is a special purposes for all of this. I have been to so many beautiful places in the world, places that I wouldn't never imagine that I would and most of all, I have gain so much experiences and learning so much about myself and about the business as well. I must say this is the most challenging and exciting time of my life , I am glad I chose to do this, it's not easy but I believe in my passions and that is what drive me to go forward each day with a new bright outlook. I have met so many people who I have touch their lives and who have touched mine as well, and that is something that can't not replaced.
Thank you for everything and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.


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