Cruise Industry Familiarisation and Interview Skills


What will you DISCOVER?

  • Whether the Cruise Line Industry is a good fit for you.
  • What you need to know about the industry and what a job onboard means for you.
  • Key interviewing techniques specific to the Cruise Industry.

And much more!

View a sample workshop schedule below:

Module 1: Cruise Industry Overview

Objective: Get to know more about the players in the Cruise Line Industry. Gain insight into the branding distinctions and varying expectations of crew to better understand with Cruise Companies may be a better fit for you?

Module 2: Learning the lingo

Objective: What do the prominent messages thatthe Cruise Line Companies put out to their guests and crew tell you about what is important to know when living and working onboard a Cruise Ship?

Module 3: Life Onboard – Behind the scenes

Objective: Living and working together in a Ship Environment.

Module 4: What interviewers look for in a Résumé!

Objective: Résumé writing has gone through several variations with so many guidelines that it is difficult to know what to keep and what to leave out. In this program we go through with you what is most important to recruiters and procurement allies in the Cruise Industry.

Module 5: Putting your best foot forward – Interviewing

Objective: First impressions are lasting impressions, but modern interviewing techniques are geared more to understand more about you. Learn how to effectively communicate your value to the team onboard and overcome interview jitters.

Module 6: Getting to know you

Objective: Identify your natural strengths and potential weakness, exploring options to overcome the challenges and harness your potential.