Workshop Testimonials

 I did not even feel like I was at aNicola covered every question I had and then some.  June 2014

I did not even feel like I was at a workshop - it felt more like a fun conversation.  June 2014

I now feel prepared for my cruise ship experience- Vancouver workshop attendee April 2013 

Nicola is delightful. Very knowledgable and informative. Seminar was well worth the fee- Vancouver workshop attendee April 2013 

I really enjoyed the workshop- It was very informative and it answered all the questions I had.- Toronto workshop attendee March 2013 

So I was lucky to be able to go through this whole entire experience of getting to know the industry, life on board, and the journey of it all. Nicola over exceeded my expectation's and so as of the others who attended the workshop. By being able to hear from her own experience life on board ships, its makes you just want to start tomorrow but you know must have to go through the interview first lol. 


The workshop was a success! It still brings a big grin to my face Be right back.

DT- Vancouver Cotober 2012 Workshop



Thank you so much for hosting the cruise ship familiarization workshop in Vancouver, BC. It was a day before I had my interview and attending the workshop calmed my nerves, and prepared me for my interview with Steiner the following day. Being at the workshop was absolutely worth it, Nicola was a great instructor. The day went by quick because she made it fun and I learned all about what life on a cruise was like! Not to mention all the wonderful people I met as well! Thanks Castaway!!
- Holly Morgan Van October 2012 Workshop



Hello workshop team!

I really enjoyed the workshop! It answered all the questions I had regarding the interview process, the hiring process, life on and off board, and overall what to expect. It was really easy going and Nicola made it easy and very enjoyable with games and videos teaching us about the industry and all of the cruise lines.

Thanks again!!

-Jenna Ollinger Van October 2012 Workshop



Hi Tracy!!
       The workshop is really incredible!! Really opens your eyes to the world of the cruise industry and the presentation is informative as well as entertaining, thank you so very much for your help in getting me there!

Thank you!!



It was very informative and it helped me feel a lot more comfortable about my choice to do this..



Good afternoon Tracy:

Just want to send you a hi-five for the Cast-Away-Workshop at Humber College.  On a professional level the workshop gave me all the tools I need to morph myself into a great fit for the cruiseship industry. Nicola and Duane are very polished, and shine as facilitators,(real attention getters).

    On a more personal level , what an awesome way to spend a chillin Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to an interview with Cast-Away. 

                          ANCHOR AWAY...  Robert


I really loved it. I'm happy that I went there. It was really interesting and helpful for me. It was a long way to drive but it was worth it.
I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. Without your advice may be I wouldn't go. - Carol Anne


Very helpful and worthwhile! Great Facilitators!- Susan


Totally worth it, highly recommend it to anyone with even an ounce of uncertainty!- Ian


Excellent experience! Perfect time to meet the recruiters and have tips for interviewing- Mtl Workshop attendee 08/12


Because of this workshop my excitement for wanting to work onboard a cruise ship has grown! - Mtl Workshop attendee 08/12


Great workshop that outlined and covered all aspects of the cruise ship industry. - Mtl Workshop attendee 08/12


Very helpful and very complete. 360° on the cruise ship lifestyle - Mtl Workshop attendee 08/12


I traveled from Denver, Colorado to Montreal, Canada to attend Cast-a-Way Cruise Industry Familiarization and Interview Skills and Preparing for A Life of Excellence workshops hoping to get an idea if the cruise industry is right for me.  Before I attended the workshop I did extended research that goes back a year ago that relates to the work environment and the process of getting a job on a ship but nothing can prepared for the information I received from Cast-A-Way.  By attending this workshop you get the one on one attention with the great staff of Cast-A-Way that have work in the industry for a long time that they are willing to share the knowledge you need prepared  to be successful among a ship. I recommend these workshops for anyone considering working on a cruise ship for you can prepared yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and so forth for the successful life in the  cruise industry.

Thank you!!

Jeffrey Licata


Everyone should attend the Workshop, it gave a very good idea of what the cruise industry is about. The workshop went definetly over my expectations :) Thanks to Duane who's an excellent facilator and super funny!
Thanks again for the workshops!